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Austria is among the leading countries in the world as far as standards of higher education are concerned. Some of the Austrian universities, such as Technical university in Graz or The University of Vienna are rightly considered to be among the top European universities. Most of Austrian universities can boast a long history and a well-established academic tradition. They offer high-quality university courses with stringent educational standards

The main advantages of studying in Austria:

  • High living standards – Austria has the second largest GDP per capita in Europe, while having the lowest rate of unemployment in Europe (as of 2014)
  • Wide range of education programmes
  • Admission to university immediately upon completing high-school
  • No compulsory entry exams (barring a few particular fields of study)
  • Admission to university is made possible without a prior knowledge of German language
  • Comparatively low tuition fees (from 380 to 750 euros per semester) or a complete tuition fees exemption
  • Possibility to hold a part-time job while studying
  • Opportunity to participate in Erasmus exchange programmes
  • No upper age limit to studying
  • Internationally recognised university degree
  • Every university graduate is guaranteed to be offered a job placement as well as a six-month residence permit


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